• Introduction of products

Acrylic (Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate) is polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate MMA and is an highly important polymer plasticity material.

DERSTRONG ACRYLIC has high transmittance and chemical stability, is easy to tint and processing. Usually as material of furniture decoration and AD panel. Apply on lighten equipment, commercial panel, construction windows, skylight panel, construction decoration penal, display shelf, present, furniture, daily using, electronic equipment ( plastic cover, helmet), optical lens and vehicle.

Some manufacturers add coatings or additives to PMMA to improve absorption in the 300–400 nm range. Colored PMMA varieties allow specific IR wavelengths to pass while blocking visible light (for remote control or heat sensor applications, for example).

Key features

  • Translucence
    PMMA transmits up to 92% of visible light which is higher than glasses. It also makes the vision clear and it is easy-dyeing.
  • Weathering quality
    Acrylic has good weathering quality and acid resistivity. It won’t yellowing or hydrolysis because of the good adaptability of nature environment. No need to worry about the exposure of sunlight will change its quality.
  • Processability
    Acrylic is easy to process variety productions by machining or thermoforming.


  • Lightening equipment
  • Commercial sign
  • Staircase
  • Decoration panel
  • Display shelf
  • Display rack
  • Vacuum forming product
  • Electronic equipment ( plastic cover, helmet)
  • Optical lens and vehicle