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1. Thermal characteristic

  • Degree of thermal deformation: 130℃ for thermal deformation, 120℃ for continuously using
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: PC sheet, kind of resin that has lower CTE 
  • Thermal conductivity: the 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of Iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, 1/12000 of steel it is a materials that high heat preservation.
  • Embrittlement temperature: about -135°C more lower than general plastic, -30°C for continuously using
  • Combustibility: PC sheet is hard to burn and it won’t make poison gas during heating

2. Optical character 
  • Weather ability: Derstrong’s PC sheet had a coating of UV-resistance to make it would not cracking or yellowing due to UV.
  • Transmittancy: transmittances of 1mm PC sheet more than 85%, 5mm PC sheet would be more than 80% as much as glass 

3. Mechanical character 
  • Tenacity: well heat resistance even on the degree 120°C the tenacity had 350 kgf/cm²
  • Flexural strength: PC sheet has a great bending strength that could bending it to 80°~90° without cracking also the impact resistance is 250 times stronger than traditional glass and 30 times stronger than arcrylic. 
  • Creep resistance and anti-fatigue: The best creep resistance thermoplastic and small fatigue during a high temperature

4. Sound insulation 
  • In the same thickness, PC sheet has a better result than glass in the high audio frequency.

5. Weight 
  • In the same thickness and area, PC sheet is half weight of glass that could save the shipment and construction difficulty.

Derstrong standard PC panel has great characteristics of mechanical, optical, electric and thermal could replace the transparent materials such as acrylic and glass.
The impact resistance of Derstrong PC is 250 times stronger than glass and also 30 times higher than acrylic.
Also, its temperature durance was -40℃~128℃ that make it easy to transform. 

Key feature

  • Great transmittance
  • Extraordinary toughness 
  • High impact-resistance 


  • Construction industry 
  • Technology industry 
  • Mechanical industry 

DERSTRONG anti-static PC sheet is made by coating an anti-static coating layer on the PC sheet. The coating can only be removed by the machining even using chemical solvent to wipe it. This technology make the PC sheet keep transparent also acquire the ability to prevent the dust gathering and the damage might cause by the static electricity to meet the need of high-tech industry.

Key feature
  • Stable anti-static ability 
  • Great transmittance 
  • Surface rating well 
  • High impact-resistance 


  • Clean room workshop
  • Clean room 
  • Cleaning equipment  
  • Electric equipment 

Derstrong flame resistance PC sheet is an ideal material that has high insulation quality, great transparency, impact-resistance and flammability.

Key feature 
  • Great transmittancy
  • V-2~V-0 Flammability standard
  • Surface rating
  • High impact-resistance


  • Insulation materials
  • Clean equipment
  • Electric equipment

DERSTRONG optical PC sheet is an fitting material that has high light transmittance, well printability, impact-resistance, thermal stability, insulation and flame retardant.

Key feature

  • Impact-resistance
  • Easy to processing  
  • Light weight  
  • Weatherability 
  • Transparent  


  • Optical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • LCD panel
  • Optical plastic lens

Incompatible chemicals

1. Ethanal 2. Acetic acid 3. Ammonium fluoride 4. Acrylonitrile 5. Ammonia solution
6. Acetone 7. Ammonium sulfide 8. Benzene 9. Benzoic acid 10. Phenylmethanol
11. Cement 12. 5% Sodium hydroxide solution  13. 5%Potassium hydroxide solution 14. Carbon tetrachloride 15. Carbon disulfide
16.Dioxin 17. Chlorbenzne 18. Hydroxybenzene 19. Nitric acid 20. Cresol
21.Teralin  22. Cyclohexene 23. Dimethylformamide 24.  Trichloromethane 25. Ethanamine
26.Phenol  27. Chloroethene 28. 2-Ethanolamine 29. 30%Formic acid 30. Gasolin
31.Oxolane 32. Nitrobenzene 33.Dichloromethane 34. Sodium hydroxide 35. Petroleum
36.Xylene  37. Ethoxyethane 38. Butanone 39. Phosphorus trichloride 40. Phenylethene
41. Ketone 42. Methyl methacrylate 43. Cyclohexanone 44. Thiophene 45. Chlorinated Hydrocarbon
46. Toluene 47. Phenethyl alcohol