DERSTRONG Anti-intrusion glass (Low-E)

DERSTRONG Anti-intrusion glass (Low-E)
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Evolution of the residential window 

Due to general window made of a single layer of glass or tempered glass only, it’s easy to entry by destroying the glasses. Therefore single layer of glass is hard to prevent the crimes. According to research, if it will take more than 5 minutes of entry they will give up usually hence strengthening the structural components and safety will be necessary.

Our anti-intrusion glass could not only customize also provide assured safety of residents and match the demands of energy saving as well. Therefore, we believe that we are the best choice for you.

anti-intrusion glass resist time chart


 EN 356 test is designed to verify higher resistance level of the glass which can withstand a crowbar, hammer, sledge hammer, iron pipe and other weapons therefore create high difficulties of forced entry threats. The impact test using steel ball (lower resistance level) and hammer & ax test (higher resistance level) to destroy the glass through the principles of mechanics to classify its level.

Derstrong anti-intrusion glass certificated by EN 356
EN365 axe test classification standard for P6B to P8B
axe test data


  • Windows of Residence (aesthetics and broad vision)
  • Commercial establishment (such as shop and jewelry display, teller)
  • Public buildings (such as museums, hospitals)
  • Government organization (such as courthouse, embassies, jails)
  • Transportation windows (such as train, MRT and bus)
  • High security locations (such as RDC and high-tech lab)


Key features
anti-intrusion glass structure

  • Reduce the direct heat radiation by shading the most of near IR

  •  Light, easy installation, easy cleaning and maintenance

  •  Elegant window decoration without unsightly iron grills

  •  Good soundproof performance with STC value ≧38dB

  •  High impact resistance against forced entry threats

  •  High grade clarity with over 99% UV shades

  •  Customize possible

  •  Comply certified by EN 356 standard.

Data of the EN356 testing
axe test result

anti-intrusion window specification type low-e
STC value (Sound Transmission Class) 
  • STC value defined by ISO 140-3 stands for sound insulation in general environment.  
  • Tested by Performance Laboratory of Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior the STC value ≧38dB
sound insulation level
sound insulation

Thermal Insulation Performance 

There are three indicators for Thermal energy:

  • Shading Coefficient, SC
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient; SHGC
  • Thermal transmittance, U value

According to these three indicators DERSTORNG anti-intrusion glass performed very well. It can reflect the sunlight and block over 99% UV.

thermal insulation data

Certification for EN 356 

Anti-intrusion glasses EN356


Certificate of CNS 14998 issued by Armaments Bureau, Ministry of National Defense 


Human-caused destroy test

EN 356 Axe test 

EN 356 Falling ball test