Decorative panel

Decorative panel
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Origin of safety window with aesthetic designs 

Nowadays, in the field of machine tool manufacturer is taking more and more important to the appearance of machine tools in order to express the aesthetic outlook, the safety window aesthetic designs came out. This panel was transparent materials, therefore printing color on the backside can make it look like lacquered also solved the difficulties that sheet metal could not be done.

Principle of decorative panel printing

  • Screen printing:
    Creating a stencil and then using that stencil to apply layers of ink on the printing surface.

  • Digital ink-jet printing:
    Using UV rays to make the ink dry immediately while printing without additional time to dry.

    Screen printing VS Digital ink-jet printing
    One stencil for a color Stencil N/A
    Fit large quantities Print quantity From a piece
    Limited Color variety Unlimited
    Normal Gradient effect Better
    Better Color saturation Normal
    Cheaper as more requests Price Cheaper as less requests
    Longer Delivery time Shorter

    Upgrade your decorative panel to catch more costumer!

    We suggest you to upgrade the decoration panel on your machine, it could help your machine tool be more attractive and unique, differentiating your products from others.
Derstrong Safety window decoration panel your first choice
  • Innovative aesthetic design creates the added value for machine tool.
  • Made by transparent materials, present like lacquered.
  • Making the variety and unique outlook for the machine with different color or add some light effects.

Lexan Decorative panel -- Screen print and Digital ink-jet printing
To satisfy our costumer’s demands we develop two type of printing – screen printing and digital ink-jet printing, making our costumer have more options and create more competitive choices.

Derstrong decorative panel
  • Brand-new aesthetic designs the best solution for decoration panel.
  • Making more color varieties and color layering with screen printing.
  • Digital ink-jet printing makes more improvements.
  • Innovative appearance with lacquered texture
  • Create high added value to elevate brand identity.

Printing size limitation

  • Maximum of screen printing: 140cm x 250cm
  • Maximum of digital ink-jet printing: 140cm x 250cm


  • Appearance of CNC lathe, milling machine
  • Appearance of machine centers
  • Appearance of metalworking equipment