Bullet-resistant glasses

Bullet-resistant glasses
  • Introduction of products
  • Specification
  • Certifications

Bullet resistant glass is combined made of top quality polycarbonate or glass and special organic material with unique technologies and facilities. Derstrong has been kept R&D the bullet resistance glass and insist the high qualities. Whole series had several international certificates customers could choose appropriate products for their needs.

Key features
  • High toughness, impact-resistance, bullet proof
  • Great transparency, UV resistance, difficult to atomize
  • With a hard coating on the surface, easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight, easy to install and ability of thermoforming
  • Meets NIJ standard – 0108.01 (equal to Taiwan CNS 14998 bullet resistance standard)


Bullet-resistant glasses

Teller windows

bullet-proof glasses

Observation hole on industry equipment

train partition

Partition on tram

Train window

Train window


Showcase in museum


Corporate security


Bullet resistance test stanadard (NIJ 0108.01)

bullet table

ICS certification of NIJ 0108.01