Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza LV counter was robbed

Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza LV counter was robbed

The anti-intrusion glass offered by Derstrong Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the best choice fo the boutique window since its characteristic of impact resistant.
It doesn't like the normal tempered glass would be destroyed easily by hitting the corners.
DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass is the only one accord to EN 356 architectural safety glass.


Outrageous!Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza LV counter was robbed by hammer.

Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza 1 floor LV counter was robbed by ganster with a hammer 6 a.m today.
It was about 5 pieces being robbed, the witness reproted it immediately.
When the police arrived, they locked down the 1 floor of Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza.
Estimated loss of LV counter is about 160,000 NTD. 

高雄漢神巨蛋百貨1樓LV專櫃 ID-331365

▲LV boutique window was robbed by ganster.

The witness said that, there's 2 criminals parked a red vehicle just near the sidewalk, they hit the boutique window with hammer and robbered the merchandise quickly, the estimate loss was about 160,000 NTD.
The police locked down the scene to get fingerprints and watching the security video.
Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaze said that they would increase the secutity.



Mr. Huang , the investigation team leader said: The ganster was hitting the tempered glass by a blunt.
The crime process is quick and precise, they sieze the timing of no secrity was patrolled.
The thickness of the boutique window was only 2cm, it was easy to break out if hitting the right position. Police did not rule out the suspects were familiar with the routine of patorlling.

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