• How to choose an appropriate anti-intrusion glass?

    DERSTRONG suggests you could choose the anti-intrusion glass by the followings:

    1. For safety: Normal tempered glass or some higher demand of security.

    2. For strength: To choose glasses’ thickness and structure it's based on the size of glasses, building height and area under wind pressure.

    3. For energy saving: According to the area of window or door, position and time of exposure to choose the Low-E glass series.

    4. For color: Chose a proper color by building appearance or privacy consideration and the transmittance of glasses.

    DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass series qualified many kinds of certificates such as impact-resistance, optical insulation, weathering test and sound insulation etc…
  • Does it cost more than normal glass if install DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass?

    It’ll need to retrofit the grill or lattice for security if choose normal glass or laminated glass.

    Therefore install DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass could not only keep the exterior of architecture but also is an economical choice.
  • How’s the sound insulation effect of DERSTRONG Anti-intrusion Glass?

    Usually the STC value of normal glass and insulated glass is about 27~33dB.

    STC is an integer rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound.

    The bigger the number is, the better the sound insulated effect.

    The STC value of DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass is higher than 38dB which verified by National Taiwan Ocean University.
  • How to escape from a fire if installed the DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass?
    Since DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass is hard to destroy, we suggest that installing DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass with sliding window or casement window.

    People could escape form open the window easily.
  • Why not use tempered glass to laminated but normal glass?
    No matter what kind of glasses do not have secure ability.

    Derstrong anti-intrusion glass is strong enough for security due to the impact durability of polycarbonate layer not the glasses.

    Therefore DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass could make thieves more difficult to entry the house.
  • Does it provide installation for DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass?
     We have professional distributor in Taiwan if you need the install service please feel free to contact us by e-maill or phone call.