• What is decorative panel for machine tool?

    In the machine tool industry, the appearance of machine tool is getting more and more important. To make the machinery aesthetics and visual effect the decorative panel came out.
    The decorative panel is made of transparent panel and print variety color on the back side that makes the front side look like lacquered. Compared to traditional method painting on sheet metal the color quality could be better. The decorative panel could help improve the brand awareness and more added values.

    旺毅 工具機外飾板
  • Types of decorative panel

    Decorative panel could be diverse to two kinds of printing method, screen printing and digital ink-jet printing.
    DERSTRONG provides both screen printing and digital ink-jet printing and also customizable

    • Screen Printing:
      Making a stencil (or screen) with customizes design first, then using the ink pressed through the stencil to print on the products.

    • Digital ink-jet printing: 
      Printing the design from data and it doesn’t need extra dry time since the digital inkjet print exposed to UV during printing, the UV could make the ink dry immediately.
  • The differences between stencil print and digital ink-jet print.
    Screen printing VS Digital ink-jet printing
    One stencil for a color Stencil N/A
    Fit large quantities Print quantity From a piece
    Limited Color variety Unlimited
    Normal Gradient effect Better
    Better Color saturation Normal
    Cheaper as more requests Price Cheaper as less requests
    Longer Delivery date Shorter