• How’s the sound insulation effect of DERSTRONG Anti-intrusion Glass?

    Usually the STC value of normal glass and insulated glass is about 27~33dB.

    STC is an integer rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound.

    The bigger the number is, the better the sound insulated effect.

    The STC value of DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass is higher than 38dB which verified by National Taiwan Ocean University.
  • How to escape from a fire if installed the DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass?
    Since DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass is hard to destroy, we suggest that installing DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass with sliding window or casement window.

    People could escape form open the window easily.
  • Why not use tempered glass to laminated but normal glass?
    No matter what kind of glasses do not have secure ability.

    Derstrong anti-intrusion glass is strong enough for security due to the impact durability of polycarbonate layer not the glasses.

    Therefore DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass could make thieves more difficult to entry the house.
  • Does it provide installation for DERSTRONG anti-intrusion glass?
     We have professional distributor in Taiwan if you need the install service please feel free to contact us by e-maill or phone call.


  • What is Smart Switchable Glass?

    The switchable glass, electrified glass, smart glass and privacy glass change the transparency of glass via the electric current. It doesn’t need to add extra curtain or partition wall for the privacy.
  • The applications of DERSTRONG switchable glass

    DERSTRONG Smart Switchable Glass could fit every kinds of interior space and also be the projector screen.

    For example, meeting room, individual office, villa, hospital etc…
  • How to switch the glass from transparent to opaque?

    To make the DERSTRONG Smart Switchable Glass work, the electric voltage should be 65V.

    When the power is off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented and will scatter incidental light so that the DERSTRONG smart switchable glass panel opaque.

    If the power is on the liquid crystal molecules line up so that the incidental light passes through and the glass is transparent.

    PS: For the technology today we could not make the switchable glass transparent when there’s no electric current and make the switchable glass opaque when the power is on.
  • Does DERSTRONG switchable glass cost a lot of energy?
    DERSTRONG Smart Switchable Glass switches the transparence via 65V electric current; it’s about 0.014w per hour per square meter. It means there’s 10.08 kWh for a month, it’s an appropriate building materials for Green building.